Finca La Esmeralda

Since October 2016 we have been transforming our farm in Pijao (Quindio, Colombia) – previously a mixed coffee and livestock farm managed with chemical fertilizers – into an organic coffee farm. We grow our coffee ecologically using natural processes, are now meatless, and offer the natural inhabitants of the region, especially nocturnal monkeys and a variety of exotic birds, a natural retreat, food and a happy life.

We have removed miles of barbed-wire fence and planted hundreds more trees. Without the herds of cattle, many young trees are now able to grow, gradually pushing their way through the thicket of grasses and ferns to form a young forest. Approximately two thirds of our farm is completely left to nature, and we protect the original jungle. It is in this green, natural landscape that our coffee grows.

Pijao - Cittaslow

Pijao is the first – and so far only – Latin American member of Cittaslow, an international network of ‚slow cities‘ inspired by the Slow Food movement. As part of the Cittaslow Pijao Foundation which promotes activities encouraging economic, social and environmental sustainability, we want our guests to enjoy the tranquility and friendly atmosphere of our surroundings. In Pijao and the surrounding area you can book guided bird-watching tours, speciality coffee tastings and horse-riding tours, join a cycling group or visit local waterfalls.

Encouraging Biodiversity

Our coffee trees grow on fertile volcanic soils, at an altitude of 1750 to 1950m, in the shade of native trees. We only use organic fertilizers – no pesticides, and Glyphosate for weed control is an absolute taboo. In this way, our coffee-growing areas have become places of biodiversity where numerous birds and wild plants have already settled.


Many parts of our farm offer a spectacular view of the Rio Lejos Valley and the mountains where the Quindío wax palm is native. We are surrounded by regional nature reserves that are easily accessible and spheres of biodiversity where indigenous plants and animals can be observed. The Las Pizarras region, where our farm is located, is known for its birdlife. Many species can be observed on our farm, an attractive starting point for ornithologists.


Staying with us

We have renovated our farmhouse in a style typical to regional coffee farms. The property has a beautiful balcony from where you can hear the river flowing past the farm and where you can stay cool on hot days. Spot dozens of different birds from the terrace, or enjoy a walk around the farm, with its native forest and renaturation area.

We hope our guests will learn about and appreciate our natural cultivation of coffee. Several hiking trails lead across the finca to pleasant resting places in the coffee growing areas. We have created educational forest and jungle trails, offer guided tours of our farm, demonstrate coffee-processing and organize tastings of our speciality coffees. We have planted banana and other fruit trees, and crops from our vegetable garden are served to our farmhouse guests.

The water we use is completely treated before being returned to the river. We compost our organic waste for the fruit and vegetable garden.

Our offer

We have one room with a double bed (sleeping one or two), with the possibility to add a third single bed in the living room. The bathroom, with hot shower, is shared with the owner, the kitchen can be used for self-catering in the evening and on weekends. Towels and bed linen are provided. The house has WIFI, 110 and 220 volt electricity. During the week guests can order lunch and dinner for 10.000 COP per person.

Single person per night 70.000 COP, including breakfast.

Two persons 100.000 COP, three persons 130.000 COP per night, both including breakfast.

Longer-stay rates can be arranged.

For more information e-mail or call:

+57 318 8873971

Pictures of the farm