Café Río Lejos

A Authentic Colombian Highland Coffee

Café Río Lejos is a single-origin coffee from Finca La Esmeralda, a farm above the village of Pijao, on steep mountain slopes at 17050m to 1950m in the Colombian Andes. The harsher climate means our coffee fruits grow slower, and gives our coffee its unique fruity aroma. Our high-altitude coffee trees are also less vulnerable to parasites and disease, meaning we can cultivate natural coffee free of pesticides.

Take time on these pages to learn about the origin and artisan fabrication of our Café Río Lejos. Get a glimpse of the fascinating landscape of the Middle Cordilleras of Pijao where our coffee grows and thrives. Observe with us exotic animals and plants indigenous to our farm!

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Biodiversity Protection is our Farm Philosophy

We have been running our farm on the outskirts of Pijao village since October 2016. In this time we have transformed it from a mixed farm breeding livestock and farming coffee intensely, into a ecofriendly smallhold dedicated to protecting biodiversity and producing authentic Colombian Highland speciality coffee. We have replaced fences and paddocks once used to contain cattle with a variety of indigenous trees and shrubs to reconnect forests and regain the natural habitat of numerous animal species. We have planted native Wax Palms and endangered tree species like Andean Walnut (Cedro Negro) and oak (Roble), and encourage key regenerative plants such as nitrogen-fixing Guamos and Chachafrutos – effective natural fertilizers – to thrive. Arbolocos and Nigüitos are slowly making deserted cattle pastures habitable again. It’s fascinating to see how quickly nature recovers!

In addition to our various coffees we also offer...

Farm accommodation

At Finca La Esmeralda we can accommodate 1-3 persons. During your stay experience nature with all your senses and observe many rare birds of Colombia.

guided tours

We offer informative tours through our coffee fields and surrounding forests. Get to know the unique flora and fauna of the area.